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Peter and the King

Peter and the King

Categories: The Gospel of John
March 31, 2019

Palmdale Community Church, Sunday morning worship service. Pastor Dean Spoelstra preaches from John 21:15-19. Anyone say "oops" this week? Anyone suffer from "foot in mouth disease" this week? Did yo lose someone's trust, confidence, their pride in you this week? do you wish you could turn back time and have a do over? join us as we study Jesus' conversation with Peter.

Learn to Share the Gospel

With Pastor Dean


Have you ever felt nervous about when an opportunity to share the Gospel happens and you’re not sure what to say? Would it help to know a method to present the Good News in a clear and logical way? If so, check out Pastor Dean’s method, Know, Be, Do.  Be ready the next time you have a chance to tell someone how Jesus saves us!


“The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of. Our attention would have been on God”

– C. S. Lewis

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. – Psalm 139:14

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