Tom Wade

I was called to the Lord at age 35. “Lots of time to pile up burdens not obeying God’s commands” but I believe God’s Word is truth. He who is forgiven much, loves much. Really that is my desire, to love much; not that I have perfected it… I rely on God to reveal my selfishness and I depend on His strength to overcome.

I came over from Grace Chapel with Dean. He was my “guy” for Saturday service and I felt called to go to Palmdale. It has been good for me and I would say that it was a first step in obedience that is progressing to the position that God has called me to Eldership.

I oversee evangelism and my desire is to follow my mentor, Roger Long into that role. I hope to become as serious as he is for winning souls and making disciples. I thank God He saw fit to have me serve at PCC alongside a loving group of brothers and sisters who keep it real in Christ Jesus.

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