Women’s Ministries

Serving God, serving one another

PCC’s women are encouraged to pursue the goals of developing disciples of Jesus, loving each other, communicating the good news of the risen Christ, and living with an eternal perspective as high priorities in their lives. Ministering to each other and taking responsibility in helping others mature in their faith and walk with our Lord is a way of life for Jesus followers. This is a lifestyle women’s ministries endeavors to support through the following opportunities:

Visitation team – Encouraging the sick, elderly, shut in, hospitalized, new parents, new to the church, etc.

Neighborhood Connect Snack Team – Making and providing snacks for the afternoon Neighborhood Connect children’s program.

Childcare Team – Providing childcare for the preschool children of the women who attend the WomenConnect meeting on that day.

Missionary Encouragement Team – Encouraging PCC’s missionaries through various means including cards, letters, care packages, and prayer.

Neighborhood Connect Craft Team – Preparing crafts to be used in the afternoon Neighborhood Connect children’s program.