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PCC’s women are encouraged to pursue the goals of developing disciples of Jesus, loving each other, communicating the good news of the risen Christ, and living with an eternal perspective as high priorities in their lives. Ministering to each other and taking responsibility in helping others mature in their faith and walk with our Lord is a way of life for Jesus followers. This is a lifestyle women’s ministries endeavors to support through the following opportunities:


  Women Connect
New @ PCC

Designed to be an encouragement to women raising children, this group meets once a month in a relaxing atmosphere for friendly and helpful conversation and just for fun! Free childcare is provided for children five years old and under.

Please check the Event Calendar for the next meeting!




Women’s Bible Studies


Rooted in the goal of growing in our relationship with God, women’s Bible studies encourage the study of His Word. Through thoughtful discussion, real -life applications, and prayer in our divided groups we enjoy the rich benefits of fellowship with God and each other and a deeper appreciation of the many gifts given to us from Jesus our Savior. Please join us!



Ministry Teams

Once a month we will set aside our group Bible study time in order to serve on a variety of Ministry Teams. These teams will meet at what would be our usual Bible study time and will provide wonderful opportunities to use our God-given gifts and bless others. Every woman is encouraged to be on one of these teams. Please check the Event Calendar to see when the next Ministry Team day is and plan to serve. See the schedule below: